Repairing and maintaining steeples

Posted on November 21, 2014 by heightw in Blog Entry

There are few structures more striking than a church steeple. Pointing to the heavens and often topped with a cross, they stand tall and can often dominate the skyline, especially in small villages or towns. These tall structures, however, are constantly subject to changing weather conditions. Repairs, maintenance and lightning protection are needed to help preserve and protect these magnificent steeples.

Steeples are often part of a church or a cathedral itself though in some cases may be built separately to the church. Steeples may contain a belfry, enclosing bells which are rung at certain times at the day and containing louvred openings in order to keep the belfry relatively open and to ensure that the sound of the bell is amplified. A lantern may also be part of the steeple. Topping the steeple is a large spire, which is often the part where maintenance and repair work is needed the most. Spires are impressive structures, ranging from either simple, tall spires to large structures clad with lead.

Weather such as wind and rain can wear away the steeple and the spire, causing damage in its wake. Depending on the materials used and how long they have been left to face the weather unprotected, tiles may dislodge and break or cracks may begin to appear in the steeple or the spire. They may also be at risk of being struck by lightning. Wherever damage or wear appears, maintenance is required or repairs needed in order to prevent the damage from becoming too extensive and compromising the structure. Lighting protection systems are also useful to preserve the integrity of the structure.

In order for steeplejacks to perform maintenance or repairs, they use equipment such as bosun’s chairs or abseiling equipment in order to provide easy and safe access to the areas that need repairing. In the case of extensive reparations, scaffolding may be erected to provide access. Suspended access cradles may also be used. When it comes to working on these tall and impressive structures, a lot of training is needed, something that all of our technicians have.

If you’re in need of steeplejacks to carry out repairs, maintenance or lightning protection on a steeple of any other kind of tall structure, then we are here for you. Fully trained and knowledgeable in health and safety, as well as being equipped with the right equipment for the job, we can make relatively quick work of any maintenance or repairs needed on a steeple or a spire.

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