Lightning Rod Installers

Here at Heightwise we are a highly skilled and experienced team of steeplejacks that have been supporting clients and customers with their high access building issues for 40 years. We are more than a company, we are a family and collectively we have 115 years’ experience and knowledge. High rise services are our area and our unparalleled expertise is guaranteed to meet every external building need. Our many years in the sector as steeplejacks have taken us to the top of some of the most inaccessible structures in the UK. We have successfully worked on all manner of church spires, silos, windmills and lighthouses and we assure every customer that we respect health and safety regulations at all times. We deliver full inspections to all high rise structures and every client receives a detailed written report along with visual evidence in the format of their choice. We also specialise in all areas of chimney work including rebuilds, linings and demolition along with steel painting, design, manufacture and erection. Our team of technicians are all fully trained and equipped with the essential skills and experience to ensure their capabilities. They will always deliver the highest quality workmanship.

Another of our many services is the supply of lightning protection. Lightning is a natural and powerful force that we unfortunately cannot control or prevent. We can however furnish properties and structures with sufficient protection. When lightning strikes it travels towards the ground and typically strikes prominent structures on its way. We are proficient lightning rod installers that have every experience when it comes to controlling the path that the lightning takes. Lightning itself does not inflict damage it is the journey it takes through certain places that results in devastation. When we mount a lightning rod at the very top of an elevated structure the lightning will strike the rod and be conducted to the ground rather than striking the building and travelling through the internal wiring and plumbing systems. The rod steers the lightning towards the ground and protects the property. The installation is safe and simple and this precautionary method can reduce the risk of potential damage from lightning strikes by a staggeringly impressive 95%.

Here at Heightwise we are also talented and fully trained riggers, steel erectors and cladding specialists. We offer a full range of services that includes operating and dismantling under bridge gantries, the manufacture and erection of steel structures and chimneys along with the installation of telecommunication masts and rigs. From structural surveys of high rise buildings to the supply of bird control systems and much more we are the finest choice for every conceivable high rise task. We are fully committed to keeping our prices affordable and our services accessible.