Lightning Protection

We cannot underestimate the power of lightning or its unpredictability. Lightning occurs as a result of an escalation of positive and negative electrical charges. Typically lightning will occur between clouds but the danger to property and people comes from the smaller discharges that have a downwards trajectory. The potential effects of a lightning strike can be catastrophic and it is vital to equip our properties with suitable protection. When lightning travels it can find its way to a building, spire or a tree. Due to the fact that it is absolutely impossible to prevent lightning from striking we can only do our utmost to ensure we have implemented adequate methods of protection.

Buildings possess an abundance of internal features that unfortunately put them at substantial risk of huge damage when hit by lightning. Power and telephone lines along with water pipes specifically can cause detrimental effects. When a building suffers a strike the inevitable surge of electrical energy can permeate through the wires and plumbing and damage almost everything in its path. In many urban areas it is possible for lightning to strike a tree or a pole and the current will then journey to nearby houses and structures and once again gain access through the internal wiring and plumbing systems. In many cases lightning will hit the ground and consequently travel through buried power lines for hundreds of yards.

Here at Heightwise we offer lightning protection that is focused on management. The most common form of protection is a lightning rod as it is constructed from highly conductive materials. The lightning rod serves to provide a path of increased resistance which encourages the lightning itself to travel directly to the ground therefore offering improved levels of protection to the building.

We are a family owned business and we have been providing lightning protection and many other services for over 40 years. Our collective knowledge and experience is entirely unparalleled and exceeds 100 years. We provide specialised solutions and we are perfectly situated to cover the whole of Europe and the United Kingdom. We are ultimate professionals and specialise in all forms of high rise access and restoration. We design and deliver extremely effective protection and earthing systems for every property. We are proficient and highly skilled and we will install the finest lightning protection systems that protect the fabric of your property along with the inhabitants and contents.