Protecting properties from electrical surges

Posted on May 30, 2015 by heightw in Blog Entry

Electric surges occur in properties on a daily basis when certain types of devices are turned on. Those with motors are the biggest culprits including fridges, air conditioning units and even hair dryers. The wiring in your property is grounded to help deal with these surges, but problems can still be caused. This is why having a surge protector is so important.

Once you account for the surges that can occur inside your property, you need to worry about external ones. These include things like trees touching power lines, current returning after a cut or lighting strikes and are much harder to protect against. The grounding in your property is not designed to handle such large surges of power, so you can be vulnerable to issues if you don’t take steps.

The best way to protect a property against outside surges is to install a protection network for the property. This will include strike termination devices for lightning, conductors to safely transmit the current, ground terminals and surge protectors. Systems should be bespoke to suit the specific layout of each property and you also need to take the location into account to determine how much protection you need.

Lightning protection can be challenging and you should always call on an experienced specialist rather than relying on a DIY solution. Such an important protective system should be designed and installed by professional lightning rod installers so you can rely on it to be safe and effective. In some cases you’ll need to adapt the fabric of the property so care needs to be taken with this too.

At Heightwise we specialise in lightning protection and have provided a flexible service for clients across the UK for many years. Our systems are designed with the needs of the individual property in mind. We always consider the location, historical evidence of strikes and surges and design a system that will offer the best kind of protection. Alongside properties we also provide solutions for infrastructure and other structures. For advice and professional services please contact our team of lightning rod installers.

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