Keep your structures protected from lightning strikes

Posted on April 15, 2015 by heightw in Blog Entry

There is much confusion surrounding lightning, and this can often lead to people taking insufficient safety measures. Along with efficient lightning protection systems, it is important to understand exactly what to do in order to keep yourself and others safe during storms. Thunder is the sound made by lightning and can be heard within ten miles of a lightning strike.

It is important to teach children the facts concerning the timelines of thunder and lightning, as they can often wait too long to seek shelter or even stop to look at the lightning. Children should understand that they are not safe under a tree during a thunderstorm nor should they seek shelter in a unsafe structure such as an open pavilion or garage. The best place to seek shelter during a storm is inside a building. It is also wise to teach children the way lightning can gain access to a property when it strikes. Internal plumbing and wiring systems are extremely vulnerable to lightning. It can enter through these systems and cause mass damage. The use of all electrical appliances such as landline telephones and showers should be avoided during a thunderstorm as they possess a high level of vulnerability.

We are a team of specialist steeplejacks and lightning rod installers, providing an affordable and comprehensive service. We can carry out all aspects of high rise work with high levels of efficiency. Our skilled and experienced installers will safely access your building and swiftly and competently install your lightning protection system.

Lightning rods work by successfully manipulating the path that the lightning takes to prevent the power rampaging through a property. If an unprotected structure is struck the lightning can do substantial damage and present a threat to the safety of the people inside. Our products are constructed from highly conductive materials and when placed at the top of your building they offer full protection.

We have been supplying our services for over 40 years and our lightning rod installers are some of the finest in the UK. We are trusted and reputable providers of earthing and lightning protection systems and we use only state of the art equipment. We also offer bird control systems and a full range of steeplejack services, so get in touch to find out more about how we can offer a complete protection system for your property.

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