Handling all lightning testing and protection services

Posted on July 16, 2014 by heightw in Blog Entry

One of the most amazing facts of nature is that the Earth, on average, is struck by lighting 100 times every second. This makes it all the more impressive that, in the UK, only around 40 people are struck by lightning every year, with less than 10% of those incidents leading to a fatality. The very low likelihood of being struck by lightning is down to, for the most part, our knowledge of how to insulate and protect ourselves and the measures we put in place to ensure we do all that we can to avoid it. We are committed to helping sure you are as protected as possible, with our lightning testing services designed to limit the risk of a strike hitting your premises.

Although most believe that the South East of England is the area most traditionally at risk of lightning strikes, the truth is that nowhere is immune. One of the wonders of nature is its unpredictability. With damaging lightning strikes recorded nationwide every year, you can’t really afford to gamble on the idea of it being “unlikely” that you will get hit. It really is better to be safer than sorry with something as unpredictable as lightning, and our steeplejacks can help you become as safe as possible. Whereas nothing at all can stop lightning from striking, our protection systems offer the safest management possible of strikes, as the energy, power and consequential damage is diverted to safety.

Our lightning testing services are comprehensive and designed to address both the nature of lightning itself and how your building might specifically be affected. We incorporate all elements of your building – structure, materials, location, use, height and beyond – into our review. This means we are able to provide you with a building specific level of protection against the threat of damage from a lightning strike. A generic approach to lightning protection may well do you some good, but we firmly believe you want the most secure and reliable level of protection possible in place. This is what we provide.

Our steeplejacks carry out lightning testing and protection installation work across the whole of the UK and most of mainland Europe. Whatever the height or nature of your property, it is as risk of damage from lightning. We are the tried and trusted name in making sure you avoid damage as far as possible.

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