The various types of bird control

Posted on October 29, 2014 by heightw in Blog Entry

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, we do not only offer the most effective lightning protection systems, but also specialise in installing outstanding bird control systems to help protect your property from the impact of pests. Here we would like to outline some of the reasons why you should invest in bird control as well as lightning protection for your property.

Though there are many birds which are beautiful species, there are quite a few species out there that simply cause a lot of damage. They can be a real nuisance to property and business owners, especially when they are damaging the property and causing noise problems.

Noise isn’t the only real problem. Bird droppings have the risk of spreading a variety of diseases such as salmonella and E. coli, not to mention looking extremely off-putting on commercial properties. Birds have even been known to attack workers or pedestrians during breeding seasons, especially if their nests are close by. They can also roost in your building and over time, cause expensive damage to the roof which necessitates costly repairs. With all these reasons, you can see why an infestation of birds should be cleared away as quickly as possible.

There are quite a few species of pest birds whose presence is less than welcome in a property. These include feral pigeons, which are perhaps the most common pest bird and the scourge of businesses based in cities and towns; seagulls, which are a particular nuisance for coastal businesses, and starlings, whose droppings can prove particularly troublesome and which may harbour fungi. These are just a few of the species which may be causing a nuisance within your home or business and are species which need to be kept away from properties.

We have a wide variety of different bird controls available. The type of measures we introduce will depend on the volume of the problem. For low pressure control, when birds only roost occasionally, then a large number of measures can be taken. These measures include bird netting, bird spikes and repellent gels. For medium pressure control, where birds roost during the day, then netting and spike systems can be utilised effectively to ward away birds. In terms of heavy pressure roosting, where the property is subject to nesting and night roosting, then netting is generally the only system that will work truly effectively, due to the presence of nests. In some heavy pressure cases, a cull may be required. In all cases, however, you will also need to invest in guano cleaning to safely remove and disinfect the droppings.

As we specialise in lightning protection and other types of work at heights, our steeplejacks are fully trained to deal safely with any roosting problem that you may have. They are extensively trained and can install any bird control system that you need, depending on the scale of the problem. We have been providing our services for over two decades, and you can be assured that they are tried, tested and trusted by a wide variety of customers across the UK.

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