Safely accessing the highest structures

Posted on March 4, 2015 by heightw in Blog Entry

The role of professional steeplejacks is to access the buildings that appear inaccessible, complete specialised tasks and carry out essential maintenance. When you need solutions to high rise problems, it is important to engage professionals that have the necessary skills, equipment and experience to carry out such specialist work.

Our aim has always been to help our clients with their high rise access issues with affordable services. The problems that occur with tall structures demand rectification, and we make a point of offering our clients real value for money. We are a team of specialist steeplejacks that understand every aspect of our work, and we execute every task with an unfaltering respect for safety and meticulous attention to every detail. Every high rise job carries with it an inherent element of risk, but we assure our clients that we are equipped to complete each task to the highest standards.

Maintenance of tall structures is a challenge. Due to their natural inaccessibility, it is common to see many structures falling into disrepair and suffering significant deterioration. Our steeplejacks deliver comprehensive care of tall structures and help you maintain their appearance and structural integrity.

Every member of our team is highly trained and skilled. Regardless of requirements, we can meet every need, and we implement full preparation before beginning any project. We provide structural surveys along with complete repairs and replacements. We offer rigging services, installation of lightning protection, effective bird control systems and more. We are able to access your buildings at any point necessary and carry out high quality work.

We employ some of the finest rope access technicians in order to offer our clients a range of benefits. Extreme height access is usually achieved by either scaffolding or rope access, but it is a widely documented fact that rope access is faster, safer and much more cost-efficient. We execute our services safely and simultaneously save you time and money.

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