Reducing the impact of lightning strikes

Posted on February 12, 2015 by heightw in Blog Entry

Recent scientific research reveals the fact that lightning strikes in the UK are being significantly affected by solar activity. The magnetic field of the sun is bending the earth’s field and increasing our exposure to the sun’s rays. It is believed that those rays increase the amount of thunderclouds, and subsequently trigger lightning bolts in scattered locations. In the last few years, the UK has experienced 50% more strikes when the magnetic field of the earth was affected by the sun. Beliefs regarding lightning shifted in the 1990s, and many experts are now of the opinion that the magnetic activity of the sun could be linked to lightning on earth.

The reality of lightning is that there is no way to predict when it will put in an appearance. The mechanics of how cosmic rays may trigger lightning are still theoretical, but scientists remain positive that the discovery of the connection between the sun’s movements and lightning strikes can lead to greatly improved thunderstorm predictions.

Lightning protection is imperative for tall structures such as steeples, churches and high rise buildings. We are a specialist team of steeplejacks and we offer a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of high rise access work. Our lightning rod installers can safely access your building and successfully install your premier lightning protection.

A thunderstorm brings with it the possibility of lightning and adequate protection can prevent devastating damage, injury and expense. By manipulating the path that lightning takes we can prevent power rampaging through a building and leaving chaos in its wake. When lightning strikes an unprotected structure it can gain access to the interior of the property through the plumbing and internal wiring systems.

We place our lightning rods atop buildings to prevent access and protect the structure. Our products are made from highly conductive materials and offer supreme protection. Our lightning rod installers have been supplying our customers with effective lightning protection and earthing systems for over 40 years and our name is synonymous with high quality and affordable services.

As established and experienced steeplejacks we are able to perform every task with efficiency regardless of height. We utilise state of the art equipment and we can undertake any task. From lightning protection to bird control we are happy to assist clients throughout the whole of the UK.

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