Protecting modern LED lighting

Posted on November 30, 2015 by heightw in Blog Entry

LED lights are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. They are far more energy efficient than traditional lighting systems because they don’t waste power generating heat and can therefore work at a low voltage. They produce a high quality light and are also extremely durable. The lights can achieve an amazing 100,000 operating hours over 4166 days if they are properly cared for.

The energy efficiency and long life of these systems has led to LEDs being fitted in all kinds of settings, including in homes and commercial workplaces. Many countries have even chosen to use them in streetlights, the UK included. The benefits of this are easy to see because they will last longer and save money on power, providing savings for local authorities.

The introduction of LED street lights is a great idea but it does present a potential problem. The low voltage of the lighting means that a power surge may damage the system. Overvoltage could potentially cause the lights to fail. If this doesn’t happen it would still increase wear and tear on the components and lead to shorter operating lives.

Power surges can occur for several different reasons, including problems with the grid and even lightning strikes. In order to prevent modern LED streetlights from being damaged by the overvoltage, steps need to be taken to protect them. Voltage protection is necessary and lightning protection systems may also need to be incorporated. Lightning protection can serve an important purpose, helping to direct current safely rather than allowing lightning to strike the ground and cause power surges in electrical systems throughout the area.

We are a team of professional lightning rod installers, and have been designing and installing bespoke systems on structures for a number of years. We understand the damage the current can cause, whether it strikes a structure directly or the ground close to it. We can apply our knowledge to all kinds of settings and deliver a bespoke protective system.

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