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Posted on August 20, 2014 by heightw in Blog Entry

An electrical storm is characterised by the presence of thunder and lightning. We cannot prevent lightning from striking, but we can take measures to attempt to control its path after its appearance. Lightning can of course be very dangerous but it is a natural occurrence that simply cannot be eradicated. Our steeplejacks specialise in the installation of supreme lightning protection systems that help everybody to do their utmost to prevent the potential damage from thunderstorms.

One of the many dangers related to lightning that we can see is the incorrect information that finds its way into articles. Just like lightning the written word possesses awesome power, and the spread of mythology as fact can result in people making the wrong decisions when caught in a storm. In 2013 a Texan man took shelter under a tree because he assumed it was impenetrable. This was of course incorrect, and he was struck not once but twice. Fortunately a medical professional was in close proximity to help. This is an example of poorly informed sources and word of mouth. We are the experts in our field and our advice and services help to separate myth from fact.

The truth is that lightning does not actually inflict the damage. That occurs when it travels through certain places. Continual study by NASA highlighted the fact that 90% of lightning strikes over land. It is impossible to offer 100% protection, but we can reduce the potential effects of a strike by 95%. This is achieved through the implementation of simple precautionary methods that begin with lightning testing and the affordable installations that we provide. The aforementioned mythology of storms includes many incorrect statements such as a high structure or lightning rod will encourage lightning to strike. Many irresponsible sources have also perpetuated the myth that you should avoid contact with metal objects if there is a presence of lightning. We must stress that these are untrue facts. Lightning can strike anywhere at any time.

When you engage our services for your lightning protection our steeplejacks will first conduct a thorough lightning protection risk assessment. There are four main areas of assessment. They are loss of economic value, cultural heritage that cannot be replaced, public services and most importantly the loss of life. Tragically there are around five people killed in the UK annually as a result of lightning strikes. A significant strike can impact a building and result in flying and falling debris and internal explosions as the lightning makes its way through the walls.

We offer comprehensive services that reveal your every need as well as providing the protection to ensure your building is sufficiently equipped to withstand a powerful electrical storm.

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