Lightning rods are essential parts of protective systems

Posted on February 25, 2015 by heightw in Blog Entry

Lightning rods are used to attract electrical discharges and help to give the current the path of least resistance. This ensures that the electricity won’t strike different parts of the property or the ground nearby and cause damage. When struck the energy flows through a series of conductors to grounding anchors so it can safely dissipate. Lightning protection systems keep properties safe and protect valuable contents.

When there is a lightning discharge the current will be attracted to a prominent point on the landscape, especially when it is made from metal. To protect properties rods extend far above the roof so they can be struck and direct currents safely. The length of the rod also helps to keep the heat generated by the current away from the roof, helping to prevent fires and roof damage.

Lightning rods need to be positioned carefully to ensure they sit at the highest point of the roof. If your property is the tallest in the area you should definitely have a protective system in place, especially if the area has a history of frequent lightning.

When installing rods you should ensure you hire qualified, professional lightning rod installers to do it for you. They will ensure the positioning is right and complete the job safely. Accessing roofs, particularly on tall buildings that are vulnerable to lightning can be very risky so choosing a reliable engineer is a far better course of action than trying to do it yourself. Rods also need to be firmly anchored to ensure they don’t move or get broken in heavy weather.

We have a reliable team of experienced lightning rod installers to serve clients in the UK and parts of Europe. Our expertise is renowned and we will do everything we can to make sure your protective system suits the needs of your property. Every system is bespoke as a result. Whether it is a commercial property, a domestic one, a public building or an important part of a transport network we can provide lightning protection.

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