Keep lightning out with supreme protection systems

Posted on August 28, 2015 by heightw in Blog Entry

A bolt of lightning looks for the path of least resistance as it travels towards the ground, and most properties feature many potential routes for lightning to progress on its journey. These include gas and water pipes, electrical and telephone lines, cable and internet lines, gutters, downspouts and more. Of course, lightning does not need conducive objects to successfully reach the ground. It forges its way through miles of air so anything else does not present any great challenge.

When a house is hit directly by lightning, there are three main dangers. The most substantial threat is fire. When an exposed lightning channel comes into contact with wood and other flammable materials, they can be ignited. Lightning commonly causes fires in attics and roofs as the channel needs to pass through structural material before reaching any conducive paths such as wiring. When lightning does reach wires, it burns them up and presents a fire hazard along the affected circuits.

Lightning can also produce an explosive shock wave. These waves are responsible for the thunder that accompanies lightning and at close range can be extremely dangerous. Lightning can fracture brick, concrete and stone with chimneys commonly incurring damage during lightning storms. The shock waves can cause shattered glass, blown out plaster walls and create trenches in soil. Shrapnel is also a common effect and can be found embedded in walls. Surge damage is a danger if lightning chooses electrical wiring as its path with connected appliances also being vulnerable to any explosive surge that may occur.

The best action to take during a storm is to avoid the paths that the lightning is likely to take. This can be anything from using a computer or a landline phone to taking a bath or shower. Lightning protection systems are the ideal way to ensure your property stays safe during storms. Lightning rods are made of conductive materials that reduce the risk to structures, contents and the people inside.

We are skilled and highly experienced Sheffield based lightning rod installers, and we provide first class installation, testing and management of protection systems. We operate throughout the UK and we pride ourselves on the delivery of affordable and high quality lightning protection services.

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