Defending your business premises from dangers

Posted on December 30, 2015 by heightw in Blog Entry

Just as it is impossible to predict when thunderstorms will occur, it is equally difficult to know where they will strike. The fact is that thunderstorms can happen virtually anywhere and as there are 100 cloud-to-ground lightning bolts that strike the surface of the earth every second it stands to reason that almost any building can be considered vulnerable. Every building has its own unique architecture, and each one requires a specially designed protection system to reduce the risk of damage and maximise the life of the property. There are thousands of commercial and public structures that have benefitted from the installation of state of the art lightning protection systems as they ensure the protection of the building and valuable internal stock.

Lightning strikes the ground in the UK more than 300,000 times yearly and both the strike and the subsequent current surge are potentially destructive. 30% of these strikes cause severe damage to structures and properties and between 30 and 60 people are struck every year.

Any structure can be seen as a candidate for protection but there are factors that must be taken into consideration. The function and internal contents are just as important as construction and location when determining the individual lightning risk. Protection systems are found on a wide range of buildings from schools, hospitals and retail centres to manufacturing facilities, office complexes and more.

As professional and experienced steeplejacks, we provide our customers with focused management. Lightning rods are simple systems that can be integrated into your commercial property during the construction phase. Alternatively our lightning rod installers can equip your existing property with protection. Depending on architectural design and the size and height of the building there may be one or more terminals needed.

Commercial properties need to continuously invest in their organisation and equipment. Even in the absence of fire, a direct strike to a building can wipe out computer systems and cause the loss of valuable data. A well designed and installed system provides a specified path to harness and safely ground the super-charged current of the lightning bolt. Protection systems do not attract or repel a strike. They receive the stroke and harmlessly route it towards the earth.

We will ensure your commercial property is fitted with the right lightning protection system to ensure the safety of your employees and equipment.  We can provide you with a trusted, reputable and affordable service.

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